Model No: KHG-40

Minimal Liquid Impact
spunbond nonwoven fabric
For minimal risk exposure
(fluid amount, fluid spray/splash and pressure on gown)
S, L

Key Features

• Single Use/Disposable.
• Fluid repellent (for minimal liquid impact).
• Velcro tab sealing.
• Full back cover with ties.
• Knitted cuffs for extra comfort.
• Lightweight, breathable and soft spunbond material, latex and silicon free.
• Ergonomic fit, enables freedom of movement.

• Standard precautions
• Contact precautions
• Nursing
• Food service
• Visitors

Use Instructions

• The user must wear an additional adequate equipment (e.g. gloves, respiratory mask etc) that are compatible with the desired performances.
• The product is not gas-tight.
• The fabric does not contain any substance at the levels that are known or suspected to have harmful effects on the user’s hygiene or health under normal use.
• For comfort, this product should be worn next to the skin but always on top of clothing.
• Do not use the product if it’s defective (seams are open or there is any other defect like scratches, tears or holes).
• This product is a single use clothing – you must not reuse it.

Storage conditions and shelf life

• Should be stored in dark, dry and ventilated environment and away from fire and pollutants.
• Storage temperature: -20C to +40C: storage humidity :<80% • Storage life: 5 years from the date of manufacture.

Not more than continuous period of one working day.

Fitting instructions

• First check that the product is exempt of tears, holes, scratches and the good performance of the seams of the product.
• Put on the product and adjust it, outside of the contaminated area.

Removal and disposal instructions

• Exit the contaminated zone.
• Take off the product slowly by rolling it down with the inside showing, thus imprisoning any contamination.
• Avoid contact of the external side with face, skin and feet.
• Discard and wash your hands thoroughly or use hand sanitizer.

Country of origin

made in India


Individually packed in a Poly Bag