Air Ambulance

In India and across the globe, many people lose their lives on daily basis only because of immediate unavailability of resources and facilities to transport patients fast and safe from one location to another. 
This lack of facilities is one of the biggest reasons for deaths.  We, KeeHealthcare a subsidiary of KeePharma  are on a mission and has decided to take another step towards the wellbeing of our society by introducing, Air Ambulance facilities pan India and across the globe. 
With the help of our partners we intend to save as many lives as we can by bringing the patients to hospitals fast and safe. This shall make specialities available for all.  These Air Ambulances will be equipped with trained staff, experienced pilots, attendants & paramedics, affordable costs and high quality express services. The main objective of KeeHealthcare Air Ambulance is to help people in time and save as many lives as we can.

Types of Air Transport Services

Air Ambulance India’s services flies throughout the continental Asia, aswell as USA, Canada , Hawaii, Europe, Africa and many otherinternational destinations.

Before making flight arrangements, our Medical Coordinator will consultwith the patient’s physician and evaluate the patient’s medicalcondition as it relates to air travel, and determine “fit-to-fly”status. Arrangements are made based upon medical necessity.


With a Commericial Medical Escort, the patient will have first class accommodations and will be accompanied by a critical care flight nurseor flight physician on a commercial airline flight. The patient mustqualify as BLS, be able to sit for an extended period of time especiallyduring takeoffs and landings and require limited oxygen use.

All details of this transport will be arranged by AAI including the purchase of first class tickets and ground transportation on both ends of the flight and a ‘fit-to-fly’ confirmation by AAI medical director. AAI will also obtain any special documents for internationaltravel such as visas and arrange customs clearance.


AAI can transport patients using international commercial stretcher service on commercial airlines. This service requires advance planning.In a typical commercial stretcher transport, AAI will block rows ofseats on the commercial airliner to allow room for an FAA approved stretcher, then surround the area with a curtain.

The sensitive nature of Medical Air Transfer needs to be emphasized by a service that guarantees precision, confidence and reliability. AirAmbulance Services provides a speedy state-of-the-art “airlifting”service to patients who cannot go through the rigorous travelling byroad but need advance and urgent medical help.

For Air Ambulance Services Cost or Before making any flightarrangements, our team of Medical Coordinators will consult with thepatient’s physician and evaluate the patient’s medical condition asit will determine the patient’s state for air travel, and is in”fit-to-fly” status. Arrangements are based upon the medical necessityof the patient.

All necessary medical staff and equipment for the flight are arranged byAAI.


Private medical jets are configured to serve as mini intensive careunits and are capable of providing Critical Care, Advanced Life Support(ALS) and Basic Life Support (BLS) services. AAI provides theappropriate medical staff based on the specific needs of each patient.Medical staff may include a registered nurse, respiratory therapist,paramedic and/or physician.

Why KeeHealthcare air Ambulance?

KeeHealthcare partners with regional and global giants for quality service at affordable costs. Our partners are fully equipped with state-of-the-art advanced cardiac life support systems. Their experienced doctors and nurses are specially trained in trauma and medical evacuations and are ready to fly on a moment’s notice.

Evacuation from anywhere to any hospital

Ailment-based speciality service

A special team of doctors and nurses on board

Well calibrated air-worthy equipment

24x7 On-Board to On-Ground

Evacuation from anywhere to any hospital

How we transfer patients from Bed to Bed


One call to get moving

All calls to our air ambulance service number are picked by 24×7 by a team call experienced in critical care. The Agent on call assesses the patient condition after evaluating case history.


Preparing for evacuation

Based on the assessment by the agent, the doctors/appropriate medical team, equipment and aircraft is dispatched to pick up the patient from any location, including remote areas with unmanned runways.


Take off

At the Airport we have the lowest activation time (time from receiving a call to take off). We also get priority for take off and landing, including a green corridor during an emergency.



During flight, we are well-equipped and capable of providing advanced critical care support and can also conduct emergency procedures. There is complete ownership of the treatment provided to the patient by our partners.


Airport to hospital

With our etxensive partners hospials we get the patient shifted directly from the Airport to the hospital.


Speak to our evacuation team

At the Airport we have the lowest activation time (time from receiving a call to take off). We also get priority for take off and landing, including a green corridor during an emergency.

Aircrafts We Use

Pilatus PC-12​
Pilatus PC-11​

King Air B200

King Air C 90B


King Air 350

Pilatus PC 12


Citation Bravo

Falcon 10


Citation 7

Hawker 700


Falcon 900

Challenger 600


Gulfstream 3

Boeing Business Jet


Bombardier Challenger 604

Beech Jet 400A


Citation CJ2

Citation 5


Citation 3

Falcon 20


Falcon 50

Challenger 601

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