Preventive Health Check Ups

Name Patent Supply is the special facility for the people in need of life saving medicines that are unavailable in our country due to one reason or the other. Henceforth, KeeHealthcare will avail the medicines for the patients with the help of goverment and doctors at best prices to save lifes. These includes the medicines that are discontinued, banned or are not manufactured in the country. With prescription, we will be providing the best possible solutions to the patient.

How it works?


Request for medicine

Patient who has serious problem request for medicine



Drug Verify

Internal processing of drug verifications at GM Global




Recognizing best source for the specific prescription



GDP Instruction

Import medicine under the GDP instruction



QA check

Supply drugs to concerned healthcare provider after QA check



QA check

Supply drugs to concerned healthcare provider after QA check



A NPP provides access to post-approval drugs that are approved and commercially available in one or more country, other than the patient’s home country.


No. Companies are not required to provide their products through a formal NPP.


  • Dealing with unsolicited patient request for drug in an ethical and regulatory controlled manner
  • Providing exposure to, and experience with, company products to physicians in additional countries and build a larger KOL network and future advocates
  • Providing new products to patients who would move to commercial drug when it becomes available in these countries
  • Generating additional revenues in countries that allow you to charge for drugs supplied on a named patient basis

Companies can provide drug to patients in any country in which they have not yet received marketing approval. This includes countries in which a company plans to seek marketing approval, as well as those countries in which a company does not plan to seek marketing approval.



As a named patient medicines you may find yourself in the frightening position that you have a serious condition or illness and the treatment you need is not available in your home country. It is possible that the medicines are available outside your country and if your physician decides that these drugs would be suitable for the treatment of your illness, they then face the challenge of obtaining them for you. We help physicians across the world access medicines which are not approved or licensed in their country, but may be required to meet the special needs of an individual patient. The service we provide not only locates and supplies the required medicines but ensures that the physician has all the quality assurance and supporting clinical information they will need to safely prescribe it to you. If you are confronted with a situation where a drug is not available to you, talk to your physician or healthcare professional about Named Patient Program and ask them to contact us. We will then work directly with your physician to help them in patient access program and understand what options are available.



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