Diabetes Treatment in Ayurveda

About the Disease – Diabetes

Diabetes is a disease that consists of complications with the hormone insulin. Diabetes can happen when the pancreas produces very little or no insulin. Diabetes can also occur when the body does not respond appropriately to insulin. There is no cure for diabetes. People having diabetes need to control it to stay healthy.

Diabetes In Ayurveda Context

According to Ayurveda, Adiposity (Meda) is a major factor that contributes in the development and beginning of Diabetes (Prameha / Madhumeha). Diabetes mainly affects the immune system (ojas) of the body.

Ayurveda Management of Diabetes

Ayurveda believes in treating symptoms and causes of Diabetes, naturally. Ayurveda treats Diabetes & its complications through classical herbal therapies and medicines.

1.Herbal Powder Kneading Therapy: In this therapy herbal medicinal pastes consisting high healing properties are applied on a patient’s scalp to reduce mental stress, increase his/her memory power, and relax the body and nervous system.

2.Oleation Therapy: Oleation therapy is used to manage diabetes. Firstly, oil massage is given to the patient & then herbal oils or medicine-rich buttermilk is poured slowly on a patient’s forehead & head which relaxes the mind and relieves mental stress. This therapy helps in controlling diabetes.

3.Yoga Therapy: The main of Yoga therapy is to help in stimulating metabolism and improving glucose homeostasis function. Yoga therapy promotes good massage to the body postures abdominal organs to function well & also increases muscular strength & elasticity. Yoga therapy also improves blood circulation which reaches to target organs in a proper quantity. This helps a diabetic patient to heal his/her wounds fast & also increases Oxygenation at cellular level.

4.Purgation Therapy: This therapy is very effective for management of diabetes in which vomiting by herbal medicines & medicated butter/oil is carried out which removes the toxins present in the upper parts of the body.

5. Ayurveda Foot Massage Therapy: This therapy is done with medicated herbal oils. The therapy focuses on balancing the three bio elements and restoring major points on the steps in order to promote mind clarification & relaxation.

6. Medicated Enema Therapy: Medicated enema therapy is very effective management in diabetes. In this therapy, herbal pastes and medicated oils are given through medical decoction in anal route in order to remove accumulated toxins & metabolic wastes.