Dental Crowns

Dental Crowning is all about dental restoration. Under this procedure the decaying tooth is completely encircled to save it from degradation or breaking-out. Whereas Bridgein teeth, involves restoration of missing teeth by putting an artificial teeth in its place permanently.


A dental impression of tooth is made to make a crown. Once the crown of tooth is moulded, it is implanted in the place of decaying tooth. For making a crown of tooth, restorative materials like porcelain, silver and gold are used. Scientifically proven methods like CAD/CAM, Leucite Reinforcement are applied to carry out the procedure.

In case of dental bridge problems, a bridge in teeth is made out by reducing the size of either side of adjacent teeth, and then putting an artificial tooth, made out of porcelain or composite resin. In layman’s language, this restorative tooth is called the dummy tooth. The entire process of Bridging involves three steps: tooth preparation, restoration fabrication and post – restoration treatment.”